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Lemon, Peach and Raspberry Flan

The delicious taste of luscious peaches and Raspberries is highlighted with the fragrance of our Tea Infusions Lemon Tea to create a flan that is full of the flavours everyone love ... Read More

Animal Jelly Cake

Topped with your favourite lollies, this jelly confection will delight even the fussiest of little animals. Read More

Frozen Knickerbocker Glory

As fun and fancy free as the name suggests. Serve at kids parties or as a everyday treat to your well behaved young ones. Read More

Mixed Berry Breakfast Trifle

There’s never a wrong time to eat trifle. And by combining our low calorie Tea Infusions Mixed Berry with a mix of fruit, grains, nuts and yoghurt you can create a deliciously hea ... Read More

Berry Blue Frozen Monster Lake

It’s a recipe from deep in the mountains of faraway Bluedonia! A meringue lake, surrounded by crispy monsters and filled with Berry Blue Jelly. Always a monster hit at parties. Read More

Jelly Swimming Rings

Ideal for kids birthday parties, Jelly Swimming Rings are definitely a crowd favourite. Read More

Ice Cream Jelly Spiders

A modern take on a retro favourite! Jelly Spiders are a winner at kids parties! Read More

Ghost Teeth Jellies

Bet the kids can’t wait to get their teeth into these! All you need is some lolly teeth and Original Orange Jelly to create a monster hit at theme parties. Read More

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