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Keto Friendly Jelly Lite Whip

This jelly lite whip is a quick, easy and importantly, a healthy dessert that only needs 2 basic ingredients, jelly lite and yoghurt! Read More

Choc Rocks

A dessert where every spoonful is a flavour explosion of creamy chocolate and a crunchy delight. Read More

Choc Mallow Mousse

So good it’s hard to stop at just a slice. Chocolate biscuit base, Mousse filling and a fluffy marshmallow topping makes this a favourite for chocolate lovers.  Read More

Orange Mango Cheesecake

See how the magic of Orange and Mango turns everybody’s favourite cheesecake into a fresh new flavour experience. Read More

Strawberry Pancakes

This recipe is brought to you by @sugarsaltmagic. Made using Jelly Lite Strawberry, these pancakes are pretty in pink with a hint of strawberry and, with a syrup made from the same ... Read More

Honey Jelly

Making your own flavoured jelly is so rewarding, and honey is a natural sweetener sure to surprise and  impress. Read More

Jaffa Jelly Mousse Slice

This recipe is brought to you by Read More

Keto Friendly Jelly Gummies

These Jelly Lite gummies are quick, easy and Keto friendly! Make with any Jelly Lite flavour you like for the perfect treat. Read More

Strawberry Bavarois

The pure bliss of creamy Bavarois that’s so good you can say ‘yes’ without feeling guilty. Read More

No Fuss Lime Pie

All the zesty flavour that has made the traditional Key Lime Pie such an international favourite, without the time consuming preparation. Read More

Vanilla Berry PannaCotta

The creamy, vanilla taste that has made Pannacotta one of Europe’s favourite desserts, is made even more delicious with the delicate flavour of Berries. Read More

Strawberry Cheesecake Cups

These pretty individual dessert cups will definitely be a crowd pleaser. Read More

Passionfruit Cheesecake Slice

The fresh flavours of passionfruit marry perfectly in this creamy cheesecake slice. Read More

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