Aussie Jelly Cups

There's no better way to celebrate our country, than with a gum-tree green and wattle gold dessert.
20 min



  • 1 Place 8 x 1 cup (250 mL) clear glasses onto a tray.
  • 2 Prepare one packet each of Aeroplane Lime and Lemon jelly crystals according to pack instructions in separate bowls.
  • 3 Pour Lime Jelly evenly between 4 glasses and the Lemon Jelly evenly between the other 4 glasses. Place in the refrigerator.
  • 4 Once this first layer of jelly is almost set prepare the second packet of Lime and Lemon Jelly according to pack instructions in separate bowls, and allow to cool. Carefully pour the Lime Jelly over the set Lemon Jelly layer and the Lemon Jelly over the set Lime layer. Allow to set firmly before serving.

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