Marshmallow Christmas Trees

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30 min



  • 1 Line large baking tray with paper, dust with icing sugar. Prep a large piping bag with a large star tip. ⁠⠀
  • 2 Tip jelly crystals into a large bowl or bowl of a stand mixer.⁠⠀
  • 3 Pour the water into small saucepan, sprinkle the gelatine evenly over the top. Let sit for 5 minutes to soften.⁠⠀
  • 4 Place saucepan over low heat and stir for a minute or so to dissolve the gelatine. Do not boil.⁠⠀
  • 5 Add the sugar and stir again just until dissolved. Do not boil.⁠⠀
  • 6 Pour the hot syrup over the jelly crystals and with a whisk attachment or electric beaters, beat on med- high speed until opaque and thick. When you take the beater out it should leave a soft peak and the bowl will no longer be hot (about 10-12 minutes). ⁠⠀
  • 7 Fold in the food colouring then transfer the marshmallow to a piping bag using a spatula.
  • 8 Pipe 12 rosettes (circles of marshmallow) about 2 inches wide. Pipe a second, smaller rosette on top of each then finally pipe a peak on top. Wet your finger with water then it will be easier to release the marshmallow from the tip if it's hanging on.
  • 9 Scatter over some sprinkles then dust with icing sugar. Let them sit for 10 minutes, then roll them around in icing sugar and bounce them in your hands to shake off the excess.
  • 10 Dip the tops of the Oreos in the melted chocolate and sit the tree on top. Leave to set.

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