Roar into Adventure: A Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

Roar into Adventure: A Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party with a Volcano Dinosaur Cake and Jelly Lava

Prepare for a prehistoric adventure as your child's birthday party transforms into a Dinosaur-Themed extravaganza. The centerpiece of this roaring celebration is a Volcano Dinosaur Cake with oozing jelly lava that'll leave your little explorers in awe. Here's your guide to making this event a Jurassic-sized success.



Jurassic Jungle: Create a jungle atmosphere with green streamers, palm leaves, and inflatable dinosaurs.

Dino Footprints: Use cutouts of dinosaur footprints to lead the way to your party space, adding an exciting element of discovery.

Volcano Centerpiece: Craft a volcano centerpiece from papier-mâché or buy a volcano prop. Make sure it's ready for a volcanic eruption!

Dinosaur Eggs: Scatter dinosaur eggs around the party area, which can double as party favors or hidden treasures for a scavenger hunt.


Activities and Games


Dinosaur Dig: Bury small dinosaur toys or fossils in a designated area for a dino dig. Kids can excavate their own dinosaur relics.

Volcano Eruption: As a lead-up to the cake cutting, make your volcano "erupt" with baking soda and vinegar, creating an exciting science experiment.

Dinosaur Art: Set up a craft station where kids can paint or decorate their own dinosaur figurines.

Dino Storytime: Engage the children with exciting dinosaur tales and educational stories about the prehistoric world.


The Birthday Cake: Volcano Dinosaur Cake with Jelly Lava


A Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party deserves a cake that captures the imagination, and a Volcano Dinosaur Cake with jelly lava does just that. Here's how to create this edible masterpiece:

You will need:

  • 1 x 85 g packet Aeroplane Original Orange Flavour Jelly
  • 1 x 85 g packet AeroplaneOriginal Raspberry Flavour Jelly
  • 1 x 85 g packet Aeroplane Original Lemon Flavour Jelly
  • 1 x 85 g packet Aeroplane Original Lime Flavour Jelly
  • 1 ⅓ cup (100 g) shredded coconut
  • 1 x 600 g store bought chocolate mud cakes
  • 1 x large cinnamon donut
  • 1 x 400 g tore bought ready to spread chocolate frosting
  • 1 tbsp dark cocoa powder, sifted (optional)
  • 2 x 50 g bars chocolate-coated honeycomb or plain honeycomb BITES, broken randomly
  • How to make:

    1. 1. Using 100 ml less cold water than pack instructions for each, make up the orange, raspberry, and lemon jellies in individual bowls. Refrigerate until set firm, then when ready to assemble break up roughly.
    2. 2 Add lime jelly crystals to a medium bowl and stir in ¼ cup (60 mL) boiling water mixing well, then stir the coconut through. Spread on to a tray and refrigerate until set and ready to assemble.
    3. 3 Remove both cake paper linings. Secure one cake, icing side up, with a little frosting slightly to the back of a 30cm square cake board. Top with second cake, icing side down. Firmly and evenly press together. Secure donut to the top of the cake with a little frosting.
    4. 4 Using a small, serrated knife, trim cake and donut into a volcano shape, with a crevasse for the “molten jelly” to flow from. Spread chocolate frosting over entire cake and use any remaining frosting to cover the surrounding cake board creating a textured surface.
    5. 5 Break up the lime jelly coconut and position clumps of “grass” around and up the side of the volcano. Dust with cocoa for effect (optional).
    6. 6 Position honeycomb “boulders” around edge of volcano. Spoon lumps of the three-jelly “lava” down the volcano crevasse, spilling out onto the surrounding cake board.
    7. 7 Decorate with plastic dinosaurs and trees. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

    The Volcano Dinosaur Cake is not only a visual delight but also a delicious treat for your little adventurers.


    More Food Ideas



    Dino Nuggets: Serve chicken nuggets and call them "Dino Nuggets." You can even use cookie cutters to shape them into dinosaur silhouettes.

    Pterodactyl Wings: Offer chicken wings as "Pterodactyl Wings." You can toss them in a variety of sauces to suit different tastes. Fossil Cookies: Make sugar cookies shaped like dinosaur footprints or bones. Decorate them with white icing to resemble fossils.

    Herbivore and Carnivore Snacks: Create a balance of "herbivore" and "carnivore" snacks. Serve a platter of veggie sticks and dip for herbivores, and meat and cheese skewers for carnivores.

    Dino Eggs: Make deviled eggs and call them "Dino Eggs." You can add a drop of green food coloring to the yolk mixture to give them a prehistoric touch.

    Volcano Popcorn: Offer popcorn with a fiery twist. You can create a spicy or sweet popcorn mix and call it "Volcano Popcorn."

    Dinosaur-shaped Sandwiches: Make sandwiches and use dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters to create fun sandwich shapes. You can use various fillings like peanut butter, ham and cheese, or cucumber and cream cheese.

    Jurassic Fruit Platter: Arrange a fruit platter in the shape of a dinosaur or use dinosaur-shaped fruit cutouts. Consider using watermelon, rockmelon, and grapes.


    With a Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party featuring a Volcano Dinosaur Cake and jelly lava eruption, you'll transport your child and their friends to a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. So, embrace your inner paleontologist, prepare for a roaring good time, and watch as your little explorers embark on a thrilling journey to the land of the dinosaurs.

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